Alex O’Connor


“I won’t stop making people aware of what’s going on. I won’t pretend that you convenience is a legitimate excuse for this moral crisis. I will ruin your party every time until I have to stop, either because I’m dead or incapacitated, or because this party is finally over… And if this party of inhumanity and moral abhorrence is still going on when I leave this planet, then I’ll feel like I’ve done it a disservice.”


“I’ll stop shoving these inconvenient moral considerations down your throat when you stop shoving the tortured corpses of the innocent down the same hole. I’ll stop caging you into difficult conversations when you stop paying people to cage innocent beings into factory farms. I will stop preaching – in other words, ladies and gentlemen – when the torture ceases to exist.”


“We don’t even justify the torture of our enemies, even when we have a good reason to do it. How can we possibly justify the torture of innocent creatures for no other reason than our own moral weakness?